Defending your digital assets

Looking for a responsive and reliable tech firm to manage your business systems? One that fully understands the client data regulations and compliance obligations you face today?

At SET, we are experts in digital security and IT management for Canadian professional services firms, including law practices, HR and financial services companies.

Three ways we serve Toronto area businesses better:

1. Compliance first: We appreciate the special care and caution with which your proprietary client data must be handled, shared and protected

2. Canadian servers: We’re careful to keep your in Canada, stored in a manner than meets all government regulations. Not on a Google drive somewhere south of the border.

3. Responsive service: We are there right when you need us, on-call, part-time or full-time to serve you. Because business can’t afford to wait days for a tech problem to be solved!

Rely on us to shield your systems and digital assets with:

    An extra layer of security

    anti-virus encryption


    data backups

IT/Software support and custom software development

We can solve any niggling technology issue – or go the full nine yards to custom design a suite of IT services or custom software app to help you drive your business forward.

“They have been ready and available any time I called upon them for technical assistance…a great team that provide a great service.”

David Boldovitch, President, Bold Financial

Stop exposing your business to security risks, inefficiencies, and downtime.

Contact SET today at 647-849-4410 for a free consultation and your complimentary IT analysis.


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