Serve your membership more efficiently with fully managed IT and security

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We know your struggles: too few hours to spare in the day, putting out fires and taking care of the needs of membership. Computers aren’t your thing… but you do need a clear window into critical member data 24/7/365.

And you simply can’t risk network outages or a data security breach.

At SET, managing IT for unions is our strong suit. We have done it for over a decade and fully understand the unique technology challenges you face.

We’ll take the load off your shoulders by expertly managing your all your IT services, including:

• Office set up, wiring and telecom

• Network monitoring

• Digital phone and internet set up

PLUS - Custom CRM software for unions: a SET speciality:

• Say goodbye to paper faxes and outdated processes.

• Search, view and quickly manage changes to online member records

• Get one step closer a paperless union office!

“Their attention to detail in making sure our network is running optimally is something you don’t find in IT firms anymore… We wouldn’t hire anyone else!”

Michelle Sawchuk, Sheet Metal Local 30

Stop exposing your business to security risks, inefficiencies, and downtime.

Contact SET today at 647-849-4410 for a free consultation and your complimentary IT analysis.


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