SET: A one-top source for cyber security, IT managed services, development and telecom, serving businesses across the Greater Toronto area

SET is a managed IT company based in Toronto serving a wide range of services, from cyber security and technical support to telecom and software development. Ensuring your data is safe and secured is our number one focus.

SET was created as a more responsive, solutions-driven and ethical kind of IT company. No shifty upselling. No confusing tech talk. Transparent communications. And fast, reliable service to clients 24/7/365.

With its wide range of IT services, SET has emerged today as a one-stop tech shop for business. Beyond security, tech support and network monitoring, SET also provides technical hardware and software implementation, as well as development, on-site office security and telecom.

Today, SET has become a trusted source for everything tech under the sun.

In fact, you can look to SET to manage your entire office, not only your computer systems. There’s the real magic. Just SET it and go!

“Professional tech support, timely customer service… it’s obvious they are very dedicated to their clients and take a lot of pride in performing their job.”

Dino Chiodo, president Local 444, Unifor

What SET’s Us Apart?


Cybercrime is the number one threat to the economy and the business world costing more than $1.2 Trillion worth of global digital security breaches. That’s why we make it our focus to ensure your IT is not only running smoothly… but safely.


Truth and transparency are important to us. Our clients can trust that we are always honest, never padding prices nor upselling them on upgrades they don’t need.


With SET, you’ll have a team of experts watching your systems diligently 24/7, always on call to address IT issues. Here’s what you can rely on:


We cost ¼ of the price of just one full-time IT employee and half the price of a part-timer. We are your full-time IT department for a price you can truly afford. See our competitive pricing structure


From office set up and security, cabling, hardware, software, data protection, troubleshooting through custom software development through telecommunications. Imagine, one trusted partner to handle all your IT, security and telecom needs, and beyond, including those dreaded calls to Bell or Rogers!

Free Audit

Covers all infrastructure, including your workstations, printers, modems, software, and any networking devices, Isolates strengths, gaps and any red flags. Comes with a full digital report on the current state of your IT.



Stop exposing your business to security risks, inefficiencies, and downtime.

Contact SET today at 647-849-4410 for a free consultation and your complimentary IT analysis.


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